Day 3: How can we learn about our students as readers?

How can we learn about our students as readers? How would you describe the literacy practices of your students?

Today we will begin with a discussion about the behaviors we expect to see in dependent or struggling readers. We will work in groups to generate a list of ideas, which we will then compare to the list Kylene Beers presents in the beginning of chapter 3.

Next, we will try out one reading strategy presented by Beers. This strategy is called “Say Something,” and we will use the this document. I will try to bring a few copies to class, but it would be helpful if you could bring your own as well as I might not be able to make enough copies.

Finally, we will review the procedure for the Twitter chat we are going to engage in on Thursday between 8-9PM. I know this will be new for some of you, and therefore I am approaching it as an experiment; however, your participation is essential and should you encounter any difficulties I hope you will let me know via email.

Also, I just discovered Tweetchat. I think it might make participation in the chat easier, so I suggest you check it out.

Class Power Point: Hunter Edlit755 Session 3


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