Rubric for Reading & Writing Lesson Plans

RUBRIC FOR LESSON PLAN (Reading and Writing)

0:         Does not meet the standard at all, no evidence

.5:         Falls below the standard, barely meeting the requirement

1:         Meets the standard appropriately

Introduction to Lesson Plan

  • Goal//Purpose of lesson provided—one sentence
  • Content and/or Skill Objectives provided

0     .5     1    

  • Assessment
0     .5     1   
  • Materials
0     .5     1    
Sequence of Lesson Plan

  • Anticipatory Set/Opener
 0     .5     1      
  • Modeling Procedures/Mini-lesson
0     .5     1    
  • Guided Practice
0     .5     1    
  • Independent Practice
0     .5     1    
  • Conclusion/Closure
0     .5     1    
Culturally Responsive Curriculum and InstructionDegree to which the teacher use culturally relevant texts and provides culturally responsive instruction   

0     .5     1    

Differentiated InstructionDegree to which the teacher differentiates to multiple ability levels in the classroom, specifically what will happen if some students don’t “get the lesson”   


0     .5     1    

Reflection on the LessonHow could the lesson be made to fit into a thematic unit, with an essential question? What would happen pre and post this lesson?
What are the strengths of the lesson in your perspective? What challenges might you run into while executing the lesson? What types of learners does your lesson serve best? Which type of learner may struggle with your lesson? Other ideas, alterations, etc.


0     2.5    5    

Total Score    
TOTAL SCORE ________/15  


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